“Handcrafting quality jewelry to help you feel your best…even while checking out at the grocery store”

Sabrina Maria is a collection of beautiful things for everyday life. My collection is for the woman who BELIEVES jewelry is meant to be worn, not stored away. She’s confident and always on trend, but never trendy.

Hi there!
I’m Sabrina Maria Higginbotham, the founder, designer, and metalsmith behind the brand Sabrina Maria. I’m a wife, mother, and a passionate believer in the notion that we all have a purpose and that we’re all meant to do great things. Sabrina Maria is my journey. Becoming a jewelry designer was never a childhood dream or lifelong desire. I just sorta fell into it. For Christmas one year, my husband gifted me a seat in a basic metalsmithing class at our local art studio. I’ll admit, I had reservations at first. I was still wrapping up my degree at Arizona State University and this just felt like more school work. He figured it was crafty and right up my alley and convinced me to give it a try. Guess he got that one right. I fell in love with a flame and shiny metal. Who knew a thoughtful gift would lead to where I am now. Handcrafting wearable works of art from some of the coolest materials on the planet and managing a growing brand with supportive followers and amazing customers. Life is always full of surprises.
How is my jewelry made?
I begin designing each piece of jewelry with you in mind. That gorgeous gold bracelet needs to do more than look good. It needs to feel good against your skin and always be comfortable. Jewelry should make you feel confident and help you express your personality… not snag your favorite sweater.

Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted in my Arizona studio, one piece at a time. The process may involve several hammers for texturing, rollers and mandrels for shaping, always a torch, and sometimes the river rock in the back yard…some amazing textures can come from right out back.

Because each piece of jewelry is skillfully made by hand, I’m able to create custom and unique textures that cannot be matched by anyone. Ahh the beauty of handmade.

Nature has always had a big influence on my jewelry designs. And since I’m a big lover of nature, I strive to use recycled metal when all possible and always conflict free stones.
My favorite obsession…
  • Tools (definitely this girl’s best friend)
  • Fabric of any kind
  • Chairs (don’t ask, I have WAY more than any home should have)
  • Sourdough bread (baked by hand of course)
My favorite metal of choice?
Yellow gold, forever and always. What’s not to love about yellow gold? It’s timeless. It will never go out of style. It can withstand the daily harshness I put it through. And it will still be here when I’m long gone.
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